Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Pot holes? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

THERE has been a pothole crisis this year. Delayed maintenance to cut budgets in the name of austerity have taken their toll and emergency work has been needed. Where it didn't happen in time vehicles have been damaged, riders spilled into the road and vast amounts of time, money and materials wasted. Not to mention human lives.

And it is going to get much, much worse. Why? Let me explain and offer a few images to help.

Seen a lot of these Road Closed signs lately? Indeed you have because BT and many of its competitors have been putting fibre in the ground. This will provide superfast broadband internet access across the nation, in hamlets, in villages, in remote farms. Everywhere.

The new Conservative Government promised it. They would of course since it represents an opportunity to make money for all their rich chums and themselves.

And so the great roll out has been gathering pace throughout the pandemic, and all in the name of 'content'.

And what is that? Well you have had it for years but now you can get it delivered to your very own 'device' (what happened to computers?) at lightning speed. It's movies and stuff. All you have to do is pay for it – and put up with road closures and damaged streets and footpaths.

Oh, and potholes. Lots and lots of potholes.

You see when you dig up anything you damage the surface. A lot. And unless you are very careful when you restore it water can seep into the edges. Then, in Britain and other northern territories, that water will freeze. Water expands when it freezes. Water is NOT compressible (unlike the air we breathe) so guess what? It breaks open the repaired road and traffic then rips up the now loose tarmac. Pot hole. Untended it gets bigger daily. And deeper.

So I predict that soon after Christmas we will start to see ever more and even bigger than ever potholes opening up along all the badly finished off trenches that have been dug to stick in a really very thin (50mmm tops) tube and then to dig up the road to millions of homes and offices to install similar 'service' pipes to deliver the brave new world of lightning fast stuff to you home or office.

A lot of this will have been done by 'stitching' – a technique invented yonks ago in my British Gas days to make two holes 20/40/60 metres apart and thread the gas/water/electric pipes from one hole to the next. Fewer holes, fewer risks of potholes. But back then these repairs were inspected and woe betide the team that did a bodge job. Ever seen an inspector these days? Private sector see; so good they don't need checking 'cos it damages profitability (oh yeah!?). So does doing a proper job.

Sorry to be a bearer of bad tidings because of course, it will be you who has to pay for all the repairs. Still, think how quick it will be using your high speed broadband connection to make the council tax payments.

Road Closed Ahead - and everywhere in East Anglia.

A classic pot hole - and very dangerous so close to a crossing.
Here comes another one - a classic situation; new trench, new crack, new entry point for water.

It takes hard work to re-surface a trench properly; this one looks good.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

3.8 million people abandoned by this government

SO finally today we know the truth. This Government, our Government is prepared to abandon 3.8million people to luck and fortune.

Is this really what the Conservative and Unionist Party stands for? That the most vulnerable in society in the face of a potentially fatal disease should be left to face utterly unknown risks to life and limb?

For that is what Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid, my MP James Cleverley and the rest of the benighted members of this Government are doing. For they know, they have been told, in very clear terms what is going to happen in the next few months IF they relax all the constraints that have even then failed to keep us safe.

We, the vulnerable, have been told not to associate with anyone who has not had TWO vaccine injections. How will we know? How can we know in time to avoid contact? How can we possibly avoid contact with materials contaminated by these people whoever they are.

Are we really expected to ask everyone we come within 2 metres (6 feet) of : "Have you had both jabs?" And how do we know they speak the truth when they answer? How, for heavens sake?

So are they really saying that for the foreseeable future I and my wife must lock ourselves away? Are they going to re-institute the delivery of our vital medicines? Will they ensure that our food is delivered? Will the dreary food parcels re-start? 

What these lame-brained individuals seem to expect is that we should remove ourselves from risk by taking worse steps than were required during lockdown.

And meanwhile the unhinged will be drinking themselves to an early death, crushed up against each other at bars and clubs and sporting events willfully spreading the virus ever wider.

And worse, we seem to have no allies, no supporters. Most of the media is ignoring the story (paid off by the Tories I bet). Labour under its piss-poor leader Keir Starmer is equally silent.

If this were any other nation our hypocritical Government would be screaming 'genocide'!

But no. The Hitlers and the Goebbels of the 21st century are right here, right now, committing mass murder with impunity.