Friday, 3 June 2022

How not to learn by your mistakes....

FOR two days now (it feels like more) we have wrestled with a ridiculous problem. What is worse I have discovered belatedly that I have fallen into a nest of worms that nine or so years ago I swore never, ever to venture near again. I refer to EEE or 3E as it now calls itself.

But first to the moment. We are due to go to France. We do not like Brexit and wished to avoid the resumption of roaming charges (GHU!). Janet switched to a Smarty account which does not charge roaming. I decided to do likewise. Her iphone went on a treat. My Samsung Note 8 (what a terrific camera and phone) did not.

We not why but we do know this – right up to the moment we activated the Smarty SIM everything was perfect. Peachy, indeed.

But then it all went very rotten pear shaped. I shall not weary you with the ins and outs which have occupied us for about 48 hours, stressed to the max and ready to kill. And still it fails to work. SMS? No prob . Talky talky – NO WAY!

I even downloaded all my data and did a factory reset in desperation. Still nothing. Today I learned that Smarty is in fact something to do with – OMG! - 3E!

Two things now occur:

1 – all is explained; they are idiots;

2 – you can fall into the same bear pit twice.

For the avoidance of doubt:

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Its been a Covid while since...

 One of the most useful subs I have is to the Office for National Statistics. This latest blog sets the pandemic into context; the detail is revealing, especially of how 'flu vaccinations have pressed down on 'flu and therefore pneumonia.

You may need to register to read:

What it shows very clearly is how it is vitally important to be sure your comparisons are valid. Covid-19 is new and is a pandemic. All deaths related to it, directly and indirectly are 'excess deaths' to the national norm.

Keep this firmly in mind as you read since it is all too easy to think Covid-19 is no worse than 'flu. In some ways that is correct but misleading as IT IS ADDITIONAL! And critically it kills the mid-aged much more easily than 'flu.