Thursday 31 August 2023

'Ello, 'ello' ello WTF's going on 'ere then...?

WHAT'S gone wrong with modern drama? Time and again today I set out watching some series, mainly crime, in high hopes. The showrunners are well respected, the actors good, the casting spot on and the dialogue fresh. The thing is well rehearsed and acted.

And then, usually just after the halfway mark, it all goes horribly wrong.

Using one show as an example is a bit hard I admit but I am no professional and so I keep no detailed notes. So it is with regret that I turn to lambast The Tower. So let's get the good on one side. With one exception the acting is excellent. The dialogue good, the action elements well crafted. But it is the credibility that kills it dead for me.

Now I will admit that I probably know too much about police procedure, the law and that stuff. But if I am going to enjoy a drama it has to be reasonable, logical and never, ever fanciful.

So I ask you – what are the odds that the dangerous and proven killer object of a manhunt will choose to hide up in the home of the principle junior detective/love interest? Never mind the improbability of his making a decent Vlog to air his grievances and getting 800,000 hits in the twinkling of an eye.

And then what are the odds that that young love interest will choose that very moment to yet again sack up with the senior officer who is bedding her? So that when the officer's wife yet again hits his voice mail she will jump in her car and (this is yet to happen tonight) drive to the home of the adulterous love interest and end up (I bet she does) as a hostage that the duff top cop now has to negotiate in full view of the cuckoo'd wife, the adulterous cop and his eagle eyed colleagues? You, go Braveheart!

A few years back I watched an excellent series called Broadchurch; brilliant actors, brilliant plot; great details. Then came the sequel – utter rubbish with so many glaring holes it was unwatchable.

The Tower is not dissimilar – series one, good to very; series two, two hours of passable and then wham! It goes all silly soapy and dies.

It rather makes you wonder if after all the tight police procedurals and effective hero cops like Morse, Prime Suspect and co the showrunners have simply given up on any sort of realism and opted for fantasy coppering. "PC 49 and the Philosopher's Stove..."; "Dixon of Rocket Ship Green"

However there are winners – the wild ravings of Midsomer and Brokenwood gain some credibility by comparison! And I could watch Fiona Dolman for evermore!

I guess I must just learn that British TV has lost the plot – or more precisely the script editors and commissioning skills. Mind you, I caught some of a Scandi noir the other evening and that too tended to the melodramatic.

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Our journey is not so long as it could be....

I have only just realised that I have now competed a journey of 11,968 million kilometres or 7,440 million miles. And I am barely sweating.... out of breath but for very different reasons.

In fact of course that is only half the story.

The sun we orbit as above is also orbiting our galaxy, the Milky Way, at 720,000 km/h (448,000 mph ) but the orbit is so vast that it will take 230 million years to complete one. So on that scale we have not moved far in my lifetime.

But even more curious is that the Milky Way is not static but is also moving. At 2.1 million km/hr (1.3 million miles per hour)! Its enough to make your head spin...

The problem is that this is all in different directions. So none of them make a simple vortex through space; they are muddled together and despite my efforts I cannot fin anyone who has yet got a computer to draw it. Soon I bet.
Anyway, I just thought some of you might like the idea. Life is indeed a journey....

PS - Just an additional thought. At the speed quoted above, since the Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, it and its star and the retinue of planets will have completed 20 million orbits. So if in doubt, plenty of time for evolution wouldn't you say?

My son in law Pat found this interesting motion rack of what I have described.