Monday, 12 April 2021

Go left! Not so smart motorways and silly adverts...

 Today we start with a video... but you may wish to read a bit first:

And a screenshot from same:

And a picture. Of a crash. On the M3. Where there used to be a hard shoulder.... It's at the end of this piece - brace yourself.

SOMETIMES one does want to hear from Government. Especially when they are seeking response to major changes, such as the provision and rules of motorways.
But here's the problem - various government sites are deemed spam by BT's mail servers! Yes that's right, government messages are treated as unsolicited commercial mail - spam!
Now I use a mail client of course so rarely visit my webmail site. In fact I try to visit roughly once a month and check the very heavily over filled spam folder. Which does not reach me of course in most cases. BT's spam protection is ridiculous frankly and seems out of or beyond my control. Anyway...
There it was, from Highways England on March 1. A consultation on changes to the Highway Code regarding what they laughingly call 'Smart Motorways' but which in reality are just a new way of killing people. No, fact - although to be fair so far only a couple of coroners have said so.
Anyway I would have had much to say - but thanks to BT it ended up in spam and I was late on the prowl and the expiration date was March 29!
So I will say it here - this is insane!
HighwaysEngland and the rest of the buffoons in this pantomime, having ended up on a couple of legal actions regarding the killing of innocent people being forced the stop during a breakdown in the former hard shoulder now inside lane of an expanded motorway, are now seeking to 'normalise' their cock up.
They are providing new must/must not and should/should not rules in a vain attempt to make the stupid idea either safer (!!!) or palatable 9!).
Now for those who have had their attention from real life utterly diverted by the woes and worries of Covid-19 the issue is this:
Motorways have so added to the attraction of car ownership that they are now overcrowded by people wanting to actually drive their cars from place to place.
Expanding motorways is one of the most expensive ways of increasing traffic capacity. It need not have been if a bit of extra width had been purchased decades ago 'just in case' but it wasn't.
The banks and financial houses having robbed Britain blind a decades ago, successive governments have compounded the felony through 'austerity' - the process by which the poor have to pay for the excesses of the rich, especially bankers who thought our money was chips in a casino.
A lot of these poor people are actually in work. This used to be a profitable endeavour by which people earned enough to have a roof over their head, three square meals a day, decent clothing, and enough money for some travel and even means of travelling. In exchange for one job, 40 or so hours a week and sick and holiday pay.
Thus they had the nerve to venture onto the very roads which had been advocated by two heavily embroiled men - one a builder of roads and bridges; the other a representative of road hauliers.
(I refer to Messrs Marples and Beeching, the twin demons of the 1950s and 60xs)
Now this influx of extra traffic meant that everything slowed down. A dreadful state of affairs if you are a major employer (people stuck in traffic don't work) or carrier of goods (customers get irritated by delays).
Desperate to avoid any further expense on public works, the Highways people turned to the obvious source of wisdom - a youthful brat/ bratess who was not around when the theory of the highspeed road, its inherent dangers, and the 'safety refuge' of the 'hard shoulder' was dreamed up.
Thus this genius observed that every motorway seemed to have an empty inside lane.
"Let us fill it" he opined.
And they all nodded. "This will save billions! Give the man (it may well have been a woman of course) a peerage" they all cooed.
And so they began. At first it seemed to work, especially near junctions. But then the reports started to come in. Vehicles were breaking down! They were sitting there like lame ducks in the former safety refuge (that's the real name of the hard shoulder by the way) and being hit by speeding vehicles - usually HGVs with horrendous consequences. Some of course managed to avoid the obstruction but the results were even more horrific.
Obviously something had to be done! And then they had the solution - "We shall re-write the Highway Code and while we are about we shall make it all seem really silly by running a series of utterly banal advertisements on television showing two insects (the last two after the motorway cull of all insect life) urging a driver to sweep across three lanes of traffic to make use of one of their sparsely provided and totally inadequate 'refuge zones'.
Bloody hell, you could not make this up and get it broadcast!

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

What the deliberately blind cannot see!

ONE of the most extraordinary things during this long and wearisome year of pandemic is just how many sane, educated people have taken up the various conspiracy theories. 
Now I can understand a willingness not to trust this government. They have after all performed appallingly badly throughout, squandering our money without proper diligence and placing contracts with their chums on far too many occasions not be seen as criminally corrupt. 
But to reject that the events are even happening is to go so far as to suggest serious mental illness frankly. And this is especially true if these same people have easy access to all the proofs that are available. And like the Moon landings, far too many people would have to be in on the scam for this not to be happening - you can bribe a few hundred but millions are beyond reach! 
The first rejection to shock me is that there are serious frauds involved in recording the deaths. One example is the idea that a young man, tested positive for Covid-19 but who dies in a motorcycle accident three weeks later is recorded as a Covid-19 death! This is beyond ridiculous as so many people would have to be in on the fraud. But proving that one single ridiculous error occurred would be hard. Proving that it cannot matter in the great scheme of this pandemic is blindingly easy. 
First there are 1.3 million employees in the NHS and they have all been reporting assiduously that life this past year has been harrowing and horrific. And scores have died. 
 Second we have seen for ourselves what is happening in hospitals and it has not been easy viewing. 
Thirdly, people have died and families have grieved in numbers too great to even contemplate. But the funeral industry can bear testimony. 
Fourth, and I have to say this is the absolute clincher - excess deaths match the numbers. 
What you ask are excess death. Well until recently they were not something much heard about. But they are beyond any doubt the best measure of the extent of the pandemic. You see it is easy to know how many people 'should' die this year. Or any given year. We have a life expectancy of about 80 years. There are about 64 million of us in the UK. So one eightieth should die each year. That's about 800,00 people. From all causes. 
Guess what? This last year we have seen well over 125,000 'excess deaths' - and all down to coronavirus. Tested and proved on the death certificates of them all. And here below is the annual return for our 12 months of horror and necessary cessation of rights to freedom. 
The black line marks the boundary below which can be seen the average deaths in an average year in white. Our two peak periods of agony and lack of ecstasy can be seen, with the valley of hope just before Christmas equally bloody obvious. So please people, stop kidding yourself and others and accept the vaccine.